"Signing up to work with Sophie Webster at Laureavida Wellness LLC for Life Coaching was the BEST decision I have made it a very long time.


When I started the program with Sophie I was at a difficult time in my life having just ended a very toxic relationship. I was exhausted, I felt unhealthy, I wasn't feeling great about myself or work and I was living in a hotel while water damage in my home was being fixed. I knew I was at point in life where I wanted to make some positive changes and break the cycle of putting everything above myself and toxic relationships and make better decisions.


Sophie helped me set clear goals for myself and gave me the tools to make more informed and better decisions to achieve those goals. I am excited about life ahead and I know I am in a much better place to make decisions that are right for me and have the confidence to do so. I can't thank Sophie enough for the positive changes she has helped me make, and for the ones I will continue to make."


"I had only known one career for over 22 years when I found myself facing an immediate change. I reached out to Sophie and am grateful for having met her.


She is professional, compassionate and intensely interested in assisting me as I navigate my way through my options. Her passion for her work and her desire to help is evident with encounter. She has given me the confidence and the push to succeed during a difficult time.

If you are considering working with a professional I strongly recommend Sophie Webster!"


"Was just what I was looking for in a life coach to help me get to the root of some issues, and get excited about the future."