Financial Wellness

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Could you improve your relationship with money? Is money controlling you or are you in control?

My Emory MBA specialized in Finance, 20+ years in Corporate America in relevant positions plus a Life Coach Certification and passion for personal finance have equipped me with powerful tools to guide you in learning to better manage and enjoy your money.

I started very young with a profound interest with math and money. My mother was an accountant and business owner. I remember helping her close the books at the end of each month for the business before I was even a teenager. She instilled in me good work ethics, hard work, and respect for what money can offer. This has allowed me to achieve financial security as a single woman and gave me the leisure of crafting the lifestyle I wanted.

However, money is a tool with a double edge sword. It is a powerful tool that can allow you to enjoy life OR it can ruin your life! Which one is it for you?

Get educated, learn personal finance tips and how to create and monitor an organized budget. 

Understand the pitfalls of credit cards and borrowed money and learn tips on debt management and living within your means.

Get educated on how to leverage your financial situation.


Learn the true power of net-worth and let it empower you!


Acquire a healthy relationship with money and leverage it to live a healthier, happier life!