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I love jewelry but I don't like to spend a lot of money! I think jewelry is part of selfcare and feeling good and it does not have to be expensive!

I am so excited to be a Brand Ambassador for Kinsley Armelle as they offer class and quality at a reasonable price. I particularly love their bracelets! I always wear necklaces and earrings as well but they are for the pleasure of others since I don't see them on myself. You can actually enjoy bracelets and rings on yourself, just look down at your hands!
Don't shy from mixing your Kinsley Armelle jewelry with your other jewelry...  Mix your Kinsley Armelle jewelry with your Smart watch! I also love mixing my estate pieces or vintage jewelry such as my aunt's gold bracelet with Kinsley Armelle to give it a more modern look!
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Having endless combination options to play with and being able to match your bracelets with your perfect outfit is a fun way to boost self-esteem and start the day confident, feeling beautiful, and fully ready to tackle the day ahead!

Ready to go out and wear a fun cocktail dress?  KA offers what you need!
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